What do u want 2 know about us gringos in Chile?

Answer this 1 question poll. What do you want me to blog about life in Chile?

7 thoughts on “What do u want 2 know about us gringos in Chile?

  1. My wife and I are moving from the states to Chicureo at the end of July. We have recently reads some information regarding robberies and theft in Chicureo. Do you feels these are isolated incidents or something that has become a common occurrence?

    • Right now I am working on a post about crime because I have been actively involved in a community effort to fight it locally. On the other hand though what I really want to write about is the Pinochet Effect as a psych condition of my generation here. I think its the Asperger traits in me that pick up on some behavioral differences others don’t notice till I point it out to them. Another is a post dedicated to whining and complaining to my heart’s content. Honestly, it feels like heresy to complain about life in Chile as an expat. Why? It is a much better option than most places, but dammit I still want to vent. Job wise I did apply for work locally and immediately after the interview decided to dump my career for a new path. If it were not for Chile I don’t think I would have ever taken that plunge. I decided this was the LAST time I was going to be the new teacher (10 different schools in 14 years is exhausting). I needed a job I could keep with all of the relocating we do. So maybe I can share what I have learned from some others here regarding cultural differences in the work place. BTW Tican, can someone tell Daddy Yankee to bring me 2 cans of gandules. Just drop em off at the US Embassy. I have needs.

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