” Oh my God mom that micro nearly took your head off! ”  Yep, now keep running. Those were my great maternal words of wisdom.  I took Jr. on his first long run. Well not long by the average runner’s definition but hey, average is just so typical. (Insert mental rolling of the eyes here.)  Our trek involved a combination of trails, sidewalks and claustrophobic streets with, somehow, two-way traffic.  Popcorn, who based on her looks has got to be the product of a long line of street dogs was the greater source of anxiety on this run.  She escaped from home to follow us, the ever ignorant puppy who reminds me of every Chilean pedestrian I’ve almost ever killed.  She plodded down the center of the street and when honked at by oncoming vehicles or called to safety by desperate owners she would just pause, turn and give the driver a look.

It took me a while to get used to that look here.  I used to drive in Miami, FL which means I am used to experiencing hostile drivers and for that matter pedestrians who rightfully fear for their lives.  Not here though.  Here the pedestrians just go for it the way toddlers do, which is why they have leashes for toddlers. You know the ones that pose as adorable back packs in animal shapes? Say what you want about those terrible parents who have their tiny ones on a leash, but I for one kept my kids alive that way. Well back then at least.  No leash for Jr or the puppy today.

I have gotten to the point with Jr. where my advice starts getting filed in the “Whatever”compartment of his tween brain.  So I figure a little reality check was in order.  That little street didn’t leave much space to side step the traffic so it was imperative that he follow mom’s strategic choreography and follow he did… unlike a certain puppy.  “Popcorn has a death wish! ” cried Jr.  No, Popcorn lives in ignorant bliss and apparently was able to reenact every possible (successful) play from Frogger.  When we returned we solemnly swore to lock-up puppy safely prior to our next run.  Then I turned on my computer to find that some families of Chilean ultra marathoners wish they had done the same today.

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